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Bandar Udara : Aviation In IndonesiaAviation IndonesiaBandar Udara : Aviation In Indonesia

Haze From Forest, Peatland Fires Disrupts Flights

Tue, June 18 2013 - Haze from forest and peatland fires in Riau province has once more covered areas such as Bengkalis, Dumai and Pekanbaru, disrupting flight schedules. In Dumai municipality, flight schedules have been disputed at Pinang Kampai Airport. “Four flight schedules of Pelita Air and Sky Aviation were delayed due to thick haze hampering visibility, which was at between 500 and 800 meters, posing a risk for flights,” said the airport’s technical unit head Catur Hargowo on Monday....

US official: Solar Plane to Help Ground Energy Use

Tue, June 18 2013 - Solar-powered plane: In this Wednesday, May 22, 2013, file photo, the Solar Impulse, piloted by André Borschberg, takes flight during the second leg of the 2013 Across America mission, at dawn, at Harbor International Airport in Phoenix. The solar-powered plane neared the close of a cross-continental journey and landed at Dulles International Airport outside the nation's capital early Sunday, only one short leg to New York remaining. The one-man craft called Solar Impulse has been flying cross-country in short hops as part of a 13-year, privately funded European project that is expected to cost $150 million....

Pinang Kampai Airport's Schedule Postponed Over Smoke

Mon, June 17 2013 - Two airlines have delayed four flights out of Pinang Kampai Airport in Dumai city, Riau province, over the last three days because of the thick smoke blanketing the area for almost a week. Airport Technical Unit Head Catur Hargowo said on Monday that the agency had to delay two flights scheduled for Friday and another two scheduled on Sunday due to the poor level of visibility of about 500 to 800 meters. "The visibility level is regarded as dangerous... According to Catur, the takeoffs of the planes owned by Pelita Air and Sky Aviation, that had booked two flights for 10:00 a.m. on Friday were delayed for about two hours....

"Aviation encompasses all the activities relating to airborne devices created by human ingenuity, generally known as aircraft. These activities include the organizations and regulatory bodies as well as the personnel related with the operation of aircraft..." (Ref: Wikipedia)

Pontianak Airshow 2014 :: 13 – 16 Februari 2014

A First Look at Flight in 2025
Aircraft Design in 2025

In late 2010, NASA awarded contracts to three teams — Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, The Boeing Company — to study advanced concept designs for aircraft that could take to the skies in the year 2025.

Each design looks very different, but all final designs have to meet NASA's goals for less noise, cleaner exhaust and lower fuel consumption. Each aircraft has to be able to do all of those things at the same time.....

Cebu Pacific Flight Attendants Dancing - Why Not?
Have A Fun Flight

"The video starts with Lady Gaga’s tune playing over the PA, puzzling some passengers, and then the captain says, “Ladies and gentlemen, please direct your attention to the cabin crew as they demonstrate the safety features of this aircraft.” The flight attendants then proceeded to dance as the captain informed passengers about the flight’s safety features."

"The scheme prompted some passengers to bring out their cameras and began filming the “routine.” Passengers applauded at the end of video........."

Graphic composed from Airplane Poster Image
Love you Leslie Nielsen. Airplane: Laughed till it hurt!

Watching the video of the Cebu Pacific flight safety features demonstration reminded me that I haven't had a good laugh on an aircraft since the late 80s when I frequently flew with Qantas Airways, and the stewards, out of their own initiative (wit and talents) would often joke with the passengers during public announcements, and their responses to passenger questions were often amazingly hilarious, and never belittling. Excellent work guys! - What is going wrong?

Chinese Passengers Are Forced To Get Out and Push Their Broken Passenger Plane

Sumber Foto: Europics / Kompas.Com

Anyone who has ever used budget airlines know only too well how uncomfortable it can be: long queues, cramped seats and every tiny extra costs you. But at least they are never told to get out and help push their plane. That is exactly what happened to a group of passengers in China who were asked to get out and push after their plane broke down shortly after landing. 'All together now: Passengers join airport staff to move the jet off the runway at Zhengzhou Airport'

Heh, is it possible that we can reduce the cost of airline tickets by pusing our planes to and from the runway? We only start the engine before take-off and shut them down soon as we land (A little humor)

If You Are Looking For An Even Cheaper Alternative - Try Standing!

Sumber Photo: The Telegraph / VivaNews.Com

"While the idea of sprucing up his work environment is repugnant to him, he'd like to renovate all 250 of Ryanair's Boeing 737s. Earlier this summer, he announced that he was planning to replace the last 10 rows of seats on his aircraft with 15 rows of upright “standing seats” -- vertical benches with shoulder harnesses and arm rests -- which would allow him to pack 30 more passengers onto each plane."

O’Leary now says that after taking a look at the drawings, he has decided vertical seats won't save enough room. Instead, he has a better idea -- replace the last 10 rows with a standing cabin, outfitted with various handrails, much like a New York City subway car, only without the benches and the panhandlers. Complete News Item....

Saleh Sudrajat
Sabang To Merauke

"Minister for Youth and Sport saluted the achievements of the Wanadri group member Saleh Sudrajat who succesfully flew solo from Sabang to Merauke during a period of just over a month in an ultralight aircraft (Trike)."

"Indonesia Can Do It"

Chepy R. Nasution
Sabet Award
Aviator of The Year 2009

(Photo Angkasa/DN.Yusuf)

Chepy Nasution:
Don't Be Afraid Of Becoming A Pilot

"Indonesia Can Do It"

Alexander Supelli
"A Local Aviation Legend & Hero"

"Alex received the award 'Bintang Jasa Nararia' from the President of Indonesia on the 17th of August 1995. As a pize Mr. B.J. Habibie gave him his own aircraft."

(Photo Mr. Rudy Kapitan)
More Information....

"Indonesia Can Do It"

Aviation Expedition

Aviation Indonesia on Facebook
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Media, Culture & Aviation

Aviation Is For Everyone!

Armless Girl Gets A Pilot License
"Armless Girl Gets A Pilot License"

"Jessica Cox, a young woman who was born without arms, has been able to rack up a long list of outstanding achievements in spite of her disability. Jessica, explains how the girl from Tucson, Arizona was even able to gain a Sport Pilot certificate and become the first pilot in the US to be licensed to fly using only her feet." Full Story

Visit Sky Car Expedition Website
"Flying car leaves London for Timbuktu"

"AP – LONDON – A group of adventurers set out from London for Timbuktu on Wednesday, planning to travel by flying car (Parajet Skycar). It was designed by self-taught engineer and inventor Giles Cardozo to fly at up to 70 miles per hour and drive at about 120 miles per hour." (14 Januari 2009) Full Story Is this the solution to traffic jams in Jakarta?

Roadable Light Sport Aircraft
Roadable Aircraft (often called a "flying car")

"Terrafugia has been dedicated to bringing the Transition® Roadable Aircraft (often called a "flying car") to the General Aviation community since 2006. The two-place Transition® will be a certified Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) expected to have its first customer delivery in 2010." (16 Januari 2009) Full Story

AVX TX: The 4x4 which thinks it's a helicopter
"AVX TX: The 4x4 which thinks it's a helicopter"

"An army 4x4 which can change into a helicopter in less than a minute and is capable of flying for 250 miles. It could fly into a location and then proceed on ground." More Information....

Jet Designed to Minimise Sonic Boom
"Futuristic Jet Designed to Minimize Sonic Boom"

"The jet is designed to be far more fuel-efficient than Concorde with a greatly reduced sonic boom. It looks like a plane designed for a superhero or an invading alien force. Dubbed the Supersonic Green Machine, the design was submitted by Lockheed Martin as part of an investigation by Nasa into how air travel might look in 2035." More Information...

Visit Virgin Galactic Website
"Virgin Galactic aims for 2010 public space tourism"

"Virgin Galactic (Branson's other successful endeavors include Virgin Records and Virgin Trains), has set about to create a new spacecraft line based on SpaceShipOne but bigger and more commercially viable (read comfortable). The new craft, dubbed appropriately SpaceShipTwo, is roughly twice the size of the original space vehicle. " Full Story

Ok, Let's Go To Outer Mind!
Bored with going to Outer Space? Try Outer Mind !

If you are bored with travelling to Outer Space, Try a journey to Outer Mind. But unfortunately this aircraft is not yet available on our planet, maybe only in Outer Space. (Marketing April Fools Day) View The April Fools Day Video Here

Who Believes There Are UFOs?

UFO : Obama Inauguration?
"The latest hot topic on the Net has been a video clip of Obama's inauguration from CNN that appears to show an unknown flying object moving behind the Washington Monument from right to left at a high rate of speed." Article

Aviation Network Indonesia has been created to bring together all aspects of the Indonesian Aviation Industry and Special Interest Groups including Private Pilots, Glider Pilots, and AeroModellers. All areas of aviation are important and contribute to our understanding, knowledge, and enjoyment of aviation.

Aviation Network Indonesia

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Indonesian Aerospace (IAe)

CN-235 Commercial

English is the International Language and anyone serious about aviation has a personal responsibility to improve their English Language Skills. Secondly, because we want this site and the information it contains to be available to the international community. Maybe our Aviation Dictionaries section can help you.

One of the objectives of this site is to encourage enthusiasm for aviation from within the Indonesian community, but also enthusiasm and support for Indonesian avaiation from the general international community.

A Little Humor

"The propeller is just a big fan in the front of the plane to keep the pilot cool. Want proof? Make it stop; then watch the pilot break out into a sweat."

"If you're ever faced with a forced landing at night, turn on the landing lights to see the landing area. If you don't like what you see, turn 'em back off."

From: The ol' Hooker Hangout

Education Indonesia Network

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